glass floors and stairs
The floors and steps are made of multi-layer safe glass. The structure of such glass floor depends primarily on the size of the panel and the method of supporting.
The Floor usually consists of two or three layers of laminated glass. Typically, all layers of glass are tempered. Sometimes one layer in the middle can be untempered. For lamination we use EVA or PVB films, which can be colorless, frosted, colored or printed. Glass floor can be covered with non-slip layer made by screen printing.



We use glass thickness of 17.6 mm - 33.2 mm
- Float glass
- Optiwhite glass (bleached glass - white)
- Dyed in the mass (graphite, bronze, green)
- Patterned
- With matt film, colorless, colored, with printout


The prepared ground glass is deposited on a flexible gasket, (which does not lose its elasticity in time) on the previously prepared steel or wood construction. Steel constructions are made of polished or brushed stainless steel. They can also be painted in any RAL color.






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